Apr 22, 2008

Welcome to this discourse

At the beginning of Feb 2008, I was sent to teach Jewish Instrumental performance to a largely German audience in Feurth. In meeting with these wonderful students I began to realize as learned and committed to Yiddish music as they were, they had never encountered the only person I know who is really best qualified to teach the subject, one Pete Sokolow of NYC.

So to that end, I sent out an email to many of my compatriots , the "younger" players on the modern klezmer "scene" and asked for submissions for essays with the subject: "Why Pete Sokolow Matters."

Pete for the record has no idea this is happening and probably won't much care for the attention, but personally I feel that at least in Europe his influence is at best second hand and at worst, non existant.

Let's see if we can't fix that glaring error.

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