Apr 22, 2008

Pete on Klezkamp Podcast 2007

Here's Pete speaking along with his lovely wife Vera at KlezKamp 2007 PodCast.

(Photo courtesy Alan Lankin)
Peter Sokolow has had a career in Jewish music, commercial music, and traditional jazz that has spanned over fifty years; he has done more than 10,000 jobs in that time. He has performed with many famous klezmer and jazz players, toured Europe and the U.S. several times, orchestrated three Jewish shows and more than thirty recordings, and appeared in or arranged for several TV "specials"and documentary films. He is the author or co-author of books on klezmer and articles about the klezmer scene, and has lectured extensively. He has taught at KlezKamp since its inception.

Today piano man and band leader non pareil Pete Sokolow talks about his life as a Jewish dance band musician and working with the greats of Yiddish music, accompanied by his lovely wife Vera. Recorded in the lobby of the Hudson Valley Resort during this years KlezKamp by the amiable Mitch.

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