Apr 22, 2008

1st Poster: Aaron Alexander composer/drummer, NYC NY

(I will try to write more at length before 5/1.)

But it would be hard to overstate the importance of Pete Sokolow's influence on the generations of musicians who have been exposed to klezmer and yiddish music since the mid 1970's until the present. He has been the single most important resource for my generation of musicians, and my students as well. I draw on his teachings every day. His seminal book (produced by Henry Sapoznik) The Compleat Klezmer was for many years the primary written resource for klezmer music, and remains the standard by which all klezmer books are judged.

Pete is one of the most generous men of his stature I've ever met. I asked him once to come over and talk to me about klezmer drummers he knew. I thought maybe he'd give me an hour of his time. He came over and we spoke about his life in klezmer music and jazz music for 6 hours!

Pete can be curmudgeonly at times, because he has high musical standards which he insists be met. But we have all been uplifted by his high standards.

Aaron Alexander 3/8/08

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